Mytilene Half-Marathon of Love









10 – 11 February 2024

The “Mytilene Half-Marathon of Love” is an annual running celebration held on the closest weekend to Valentine’s Day, whose relics are preserved in the Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, situated on the most picturesque and bustling street in the capital of Lesvos, Mytilene. Along the race route, athletes can’t help but feel the magic, aura, and cosmopolitan atmosphere that the island exudes along the race route. Filled with colors, energy, and a landscape that captivates the eyes and senses.

Starting from Sappho Square, the athletes make their way to one of the seven hills that form Mytilene’s amphitheatrical layout. The runners are accompanied by Neo-Gothic, Belle Époque, Renaissance, and Neoclassical buildings until they leave the city. The scenery changes, and the beautiful architecture gives way to a view of the beach with Asia Minor’s coastline in the background.

Upon their return and the final phase of the route, participants head towards the largest fortress in the Mediterranean, the castle of Mytilene! In its shadow, the last turn takes place for the final straight and the finish line at the waterfront and Sappho Square.

Participants from all over Greece, including elite Greek half- and full-marathon runners, have already expressed their interest for another year. It gives us great pleasure and honor to announce this achievement.


The “Mytilene Half Marathon of Love” includes the following six races:

  • Half-Marathon – 21.5 km (Press here to download the gpx file)
  • Basic – 10 km
  • Fun – 5 km
  • Kids – 1.000m & 2.500m
  • Family run – 500m

Participant limit: 500

Race Schedule:

Saturday, February 10: Start of Races (12:00pm)

Races: Family Running 500m, 1000m, 2500m, 5 km.

The 500 and 1000 m races are open to youngsters aged 4 to 12, as well as athletes with disabilities (Men – Women) T20 – T35 – T38. Ages 13+ will compete in distances of 2500m and 5 km which will be divided into age categories. All activities will be held in Alsos Tsamakia.

Minor athletes will be able to engage in a unique program of activities and entertainment directed by Oxygen Academy’s qualified and experienced personnel.
There will be the Food Bar kiosk at the site where you may purchase everything you need for yourself or your family during the races.

Sunday, February 11: Start of Races (08:15am)

Races: 10Κm & 21,5Km

Two races, 10km and 21.5km. Ages 18+, with division into age categories. Sapphous Square is the starting and ending point.
Athletes in the 21.5 km half marathon will turn around at Mojito Bay, head towards the Statue of Liberty – backside of the Castle, and finish at Sapphous Square.
The U-turn for the 10 km race will occur near the intersection of the settlement Pligoni, following the same route.

Ticket Prices:

* Groups: 30% discount for groups and clubs with more than 10 participants
** Pre-Registration: 20% discount
(until 09.02.2024)

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (February 7-9, 2024), in-person pre-registrations will take place at Be Happy.

Electronic registration is now closed. If you want to register, do so at the registration desk on the day of the event. Arrive on site at least one hour before the scheduled start time.

For another year, we have secured special offers for participants:

Ferry Tickets:

For ships departing from Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Chios, Samos, and Mytilene between 07-14/02/2024, the following apply:

  • 40% discount on all seats, excluding cabins.
  • 30% discount on cabins (excluding single and LUX cabins).
  • 30% discount on vehicles.

To get these discounts, please provide the following information to by 31/01/2024:

• Full name as stated on your ID
• Contact phone number
• Date of birth
• Preferred Dates and Times of Departure and Return
• Departure Port
• Type of Seat
• License Plate Number and vehicle type



  • Special rates on rental cars from Miles Plus (+30 22510 42 910 – 694 60 70 780)

To qualify for the aforementioned discounts, the completion of your registration is required: Fill out the Registration Form and proceed with the corresponding payment.

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Let’s reminisce some moments from the 2nd Half Marathon of Love in Mytilene

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